Dear Chi, I'm a million-and-a-half years old, and came up in a time when everyday people could receive "scholarships," as they were known then. As a result, I received a liberal arts education that might have prepared me, a charmless working-class kid, to . . . oh, inherit 300 acres of Wiltshire, let's say.

Instead, I taught English (broadly conceived of) to generations of salt-of-the-earth young people, often in inner-city schools. I was a Village Explainer, let's say. (An honorable calling, I think.)

All this by way of making one observation, & asking one question:

1) The observation: WOW, I am TRULY impressed by your literacy. The Powers That Be today DON'T WANT young people, or anybody else, reading scholars & tribunes of the people like Raymond Williams, whom you quote today.

Just seeing his name makes the two of us here, in our little bungalow feel more hopeful. Seriously.

2) I realize that this site you're running here is anti-commercial, all about helping people without glorifying yourself or trying to exploit people.

But can you or anybody there help my partner and me? We're an elderly couple, living reclusively & I hope thoughtfully.

So far, blessedly, neither of us has had COVID (in any of its variants).

(Decades ago though, my wife was struck down by a viral infection that at the time no one could diagnose: an infection that left her with a bundle of symptoms that today would certainly be called "Long COVID.")

But here's our problem TODAY.

We need high-quality replacement masks,

preferably re-usable ( = washable) ones. We've got an internet connection, a debit card, and money adequate to pay for decent quality.

Can you or anyone direct us to a site that could help us, preferably one run by people with good values (if there IS such a site)?

Regardless of my question, THANK YOU again for the great work you're doing!!

Your friends, Steve & Martha

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May 7, 2023Liked by Chi Rainer Bornfree

Chi - thank you for this wise and timely post!

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Great. I've got a smattering of Greek from long ago, so I'm familiar with the hard "ch." Thank you again for countering some of the ocean of dis-information out there that purports to be "anti-disinformation." What a time.

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